Whether you want a snapshot or instant look at how well your tenants are handling the facility’s building HVAC, our reporting tool has you covered!  Yearly, quarterly, or just all available compliance information can be downloaded by going to the reports tab on any facility that has tenant compliance enabled.

We found out that most users are looking for how certain tenants performed during recent quarters or in the year, and so on the top row are common options that easily accessible.  Feel free to check the current outreach’s quarter as often as you’d like! This data is instantly updated when tenants provide service tickets during outreach.  If you need a deeper historical look or a timeframe that is not listed on the top, then we suggest to defer the custom controls.  Here you can choose specific dates and generate the report that you need.  This is especially useful for long term reports or multiple quarter reports.

Pro Tip: Toggle between CSV or PDF before click on the report that you need.  We default to PDF, but if you prefer the Excel/spreadsheet format, then switch to CSV!

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