At Ravti, we find that one of the biggest problems that property managers face is constantly ensuring that their tenants are remaining compliant with their lease.  To do so, a property manager must call their tenant as often as every month or quarter, and ask to provide proof of compliance via a service ticket.  Furthermore, every tenant has complicated lease language.  Keeping track of who to message and when makes tracking compliance an overwhelming and difficult task.

Because Ravti has all your HVAC inventory online, we are able to manage these repetitive tasks for you.  After you enable tenant compliance, the Ravti system will automatically send your tenants emails, on your behalf, asking them to upload a service ticket for a given period.  For example, if a tenant is responsible for quarterly maintenance, then at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, they will be asked to provide any maintenance done to their equipment for the first quarter of 2018.  For the tenant in this example, the same process will automatically repeat itself the next quarter.  It is important to note that during outreach, we are requesting data from the previous period.  This allows the tenant to have full opportunity and time to get their equipment maintained.

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