Every tenant in Ravti has an associated compliance interval.  By default this is set to quarterly, any tenant can be updated to monthly, bi-annually, and yearly.  On the Compliance tab, your list of suites are displayed.  Both the maintenance responsibility and compliance status are based on the most recent compliance information about that tenant.  For example, if for quarter one, a tenant is compliant, and for quarter two, that same tenant is non-compliant, then non-compliant will be listed.  For a more in-depth look, click on the suite and view compliance history for that suite.

To edit a tenant’s status, identify the compliance period in question by reviewing the top right of the compliance card.  When you have the right card, click edit in the lower right hand corner.  Among other data, the options for compliance status and maintenance responsibility can be found here.  Don’t forget -- setting a compliance card to “Pending” will initiate an email outreach to those tenants.  

For more information on each status, please view our article on each status. Please note, marking a tenant as Exempt or Landlord responsible will stop them from receiving future emails.

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