While the compliance product in Ravti is extremely powerful because it automates the tedious work involved in asking tenants for their service tickets, this also means that it can some of the configuration can be confusing.  Our product includes more information than the status quo of compliant or not compliant.  

Listed below are all possible compliance statuses, and their meaning:

  • Compliant – a tenant has provided proof of service for a given compliance period, and are compliant in actually maintaining their equipment with their lease
  • Non-compliant – a tenant has not provided sufficient proof of service in becoming compliant with their lease during a given compliance period
  • Pending Compliance – a tenant is currently in the middle of outreach and being asked to provide proof of compliance.  Our robots will send emails to a tenant for a maximum of four times before shifting them to non-compliant.  If a tenant does upload a document, they will be shifted to compliant after the document has been audited.  This is the only status that sends emails to tenants.
  • Pending PM – this status is used when a suite is landlord managed, and proof of maintenance has not been uploaded yet.  This is also used for any vacant, or unoccupied suites.
  • Exempt – mostly used for anchors that are exempt from providing proof of maintenance to their equipment.  No emails are sent to them and no document is expected from them at any point.

Any of the above options are available to you to edit per compliance outreach.  You may, however, see extra intermediate statues, such as:

  • Document Returned – the tenant has uploaded a document, but has not been audited yet to ensure service meets compliance
  • Undelivered – outreach to the tenant was attempted but email delivery itself failed.  This usually occurs when a tenant is missing an email entirely.
  • No Response – outreach to the tenant was attempted successfully but the tenant never responded with a service ticket.  This is also considered non-compliant.
  • Not Available – no compliance data is available for display.  This typically occurs with new users or facilities who have not yet begun any outreach.
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