Compliance outreach is the phase in which the Ravti system begins sending emails to all tenants that are responsible for maintaining their HVAC. White-labeled emails are sent to the tenants asking for them to upload service tickets within a given date range.  For example, if a tenant is required by lease to maintain their HVAC quarterly, at the beginning of quarter three, the outreach will ask for maintenance records pertaining to quarter two.

In each email a tenant receives, a personalized link gives them access to a page that allows them to upload their maintenance records.  No login from the tenant is required.  See an example below of an email:

There is a large, color-coded box for them to drag and drop their maintenance ticket into at the bottom of the email:

Lastly, there is a box for them to enroll in a maintenance program to become compliant with their lease if they do not currently have one:

Tenants may receive a maximum of four emails during a single outreach period.  After the tenant uploads a document, the follow-ups stop and the tenant does not receive another email until the next outreach period.  If after the four weeks a tenant has not responded, their compliance status toggles to no response and non-compliant.

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