Dear Valued Tenant,

We always want to ensure your air conditioning is running in prime condition. Soon, you will start receiving emails requesting a copies of your most recent HVAC service tickets. This request is pursuant to your lease agreement and will be facilitated by Ravti.

What is Ravti?

Ravti is a software we are using to track our HVAC equipment and maintenance data. Ravti can also help you enroll in affordable maintenance plans in your area, whether it be from our national vendor or a preferred vendor of your choice.

Ravti will be sending building inspectors to your suites in the coming weeks to take an initial inventory of all HVAC units on the property. 

How many times will I see emails from them?

It depends on your lease! Most leases require quarterly preventative maintenance, meaning Ravti will likely reach out periodically 4 times per year.

What do I need to submit?

We will reach out via Ravti and ask for proof of service from the previous maintenance period. The dates we will ask for will all be included in the email you receive; please submit the service ticket that pertain to the dates requested. If you can’t find your service ticket, contact your HVAC vendor and ask them for the most recent one.

How do I submit my service tickets?

The emails from Ravti will each contain a link you can click and upload your service ticket. Ravti will notify us of the submission and you will stop receiving emails requesting service tickets for that time period.

The emails from Ravti you will receive look much like the example shown for Fancy Nails below:

What happens if I don’t submit my tickets? 

Our office will keep on record each time you fail to provide proof of preventative maintenance. In the future, failure to maintain your units could result in lost security deposits and other negative repercussions.

We understand you are busy running your business and appreciate your participation in this program. Look for your first email notification soon and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues you have.


Property Manager

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