It's important to keep your tenant rosters up to date so that compliance history is attached to the correct tenant.

Begin by going to your tenant's Suite page. You can get to this page by clicking the tenant's name in either the "Units | Suites" tab, or the "Compliance" Tab. 

Now that you're at the Suites page, you can use our Add New Tenant feature to add them into the space.

But first, begin by moving out your old tenant. Do this by editing your tenant's contact information to include their move-out date. 

Click 'Edit' next to the tenant's name to move out a tenant.

De-select 'Tenant is still leasing this suite' and input the date the tenant moved out (if that date is known).  Click 'Save & Update' to save your changes.

Now that your tenant is moved out, you can add a new tenant.  Select 'Add New Tenant.'  

If you know the move-in date of the tenant, de-select 'Move-in date is unknown' and input the date the tenant moved in along with all of the other tenant information (Tenant Name, Email, Phone Number).  Click 'Save & Update' to save your changes.

If you have large scale updates across multiple facilities, please contact your Customer Success Manager who can assist you in updating information in bulk.

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