There are many reasons why a tenant might not be able to upload a tenant compliance document. Some of the reasons are firewall issues, lack of tech prowess, or unwillingness to use the platform.

However, it is critical to use the tenant's custom upload link to submit documents for several reasons.

  1. The automatic outreach process will continue to reach out to your tenant if the documents have not been submitted using the tenant's link.
  2. All documents submitted via the tenant's link are immediately tagged to the correct tenant, suite, and date range.
  3. Documents submitted via link are posted directly to the Ravti platform for your viewing and QA'd by our maintenance ticket review staff.

The good news is, if a tenant is unable to submit those documents, you can submit them on their behalf by using their tenant upload link. 

You can access the link in the compliance object next to 'Tenant Responsible.' See below:

Once you pull up the link, you can upload a document on the tenant's behalf using the upload link, like below:

As always, Ravti team members are here to help you should you need it!

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