Service Calls

Step 1 - Receiving A Service Call Work Request

“Click Here To Schedule” - Your service team will be sent an email (Example Image A) showing this option if the request is for a Service Call. There your team will be able to review all the necessary information to schedule from Urgency/Time Desired, and roof access to a billing point of contact (Example Image B). 

As soon as your team has a schedule they will need to submit the estimated arrival date and time window on the link.   

In the case your team cannot fulfill a service request, you may click the "Deny, I am Unavailable For This Request" and provide your reason there. (Example Image C) 

(Example Image A) : 

(Example Image B)

(Example Image C) : 

Step 2 - Outcome and Service Documents 

After you schedule your arrival window, the scheduling link will give you the option to upload the service ticket or invoice. Ravti will automatically email you to requesting your service team to click on the link and submit the outcome and the service document(s) from the site visit.  (Example Image D) 

(Example Image D)

Step 3 - Recommended Actions

To submit your repair or replacement quote following a Service Call outcome submission, please email with the Service Call PO# in the subject of the email and the note the QR #'s on the units in reference. 

Ravti will provide the proposal to the customer for them to decide how they would like to proceed and confirm with you via email once a decision has been made. 

Step 4 - Billing

The billing information will always be available on the service call request link. Please let us know if you need more information if you receive a request from a new customer or new address. 

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