Service Calls


Step 1 - Receiving and Scheduling A Service Call Work Request

Your service team will receive an email similar to the one above. Click the purple button that says "Click Here to Schedule."

There your team will be able to review all the necessary information from things like Purchase Order Number, Urgency/Time Desired, site plans and roof access, and the billing information.

Have questions before scheduling? Please feel comfortable to reply to any of our emails and the support team would be happy to assist.

Service Call information

As soon as your team has a schedule they will need to submit their estimated arrival window on the link

In the case your team cannot fulfill a service request, you may click the "Deny, I am Unavailable For This Request" and provide your reason there.

Once your ETA is scheduled, your service team and the property management will be looped in on a confirmation email that this request has been scheduled.


Step 2 - Confirming the Job is done. Providing the Outcome and Service Documents 

We will automatically email you a request of the OUTCOME for each Purchase Order. This outcome requires a service ticket describing work performed with the PO# stated, and the 2 multiple-choice required submissions for the "Current Status of the Unit(s)" and "Recommended Actions"

Once the outcome is submitted, again your service team and the property management will be looped together on an email displaying the outcome you submitted.


Step 3 - Recommended Actions

If your team recommended a repair or replacement that requires confirmation from the property management please 'Reply All' to the "Outcome Received!" email.

Ravti will upload the proposal to Ravti for the customer for their review and decide how they would like to proceed. You will be kept in the loop in the process as well.


Step 4 - Billing

The billing information will always be available on the service call request link and on the Outcome email, you are included on. Please let us know if you need more information if you receive a request from a new customer or new address. 

Submitting invoices that are billed to ravti Ravti by going to

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