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Communication and scheduling are more important than ever. To avoid any revisits to the property, make sure to:

Additional Requirements:
1. Call/Text Ravti on arrival and before leaving each facility.
2. Confirm if the job is done or approximately how much remains.
3. Report access issues. Have you been denied entry to any suites that were needed to access the roof?

Click here for the Fulcrum Form App Tutorial

See this step by step tutorial to ensure you're set up and comfortable with using the Fulcrum app.

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Both Apple and Android links can be found by clicking the title above.

Click here for Interior Data tag Guide

It's rare but not uncommon for a data plate to blank or "sun-bleached," The model number and serial number are very important to collect, so please see this guide if you encounter a blank data plate and call us. (For applicable manufacturers)

Click here if you're a new Inventory Vendor

To get started we will need your Shipping Address, W-9, and Certificate of Insurance with Ravti listed as additionally insured.

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We will send you a purchase order once the project is completed. Please submit your invoice as soon as possible to this link.

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