1. Initial Interest

In the email link sent to you, you will be given the option and price of enrolling in a Ravti managed maintenance program. If interested, you can click a link that will alert Ravti’s support team of their interest in the program. 

2. Payment Requested

After reviewing the space's units and verifying all of the HVAC information is correct, Ravti will send an invoice to you for the cost of the maintenance program for one year. Please note this invoice is STILL OPTIONAL; you will not be enrolled unless you choose to pay it.

3. Payment Received

After you successfully pay with a credit card, you are officially enrolled in a Ravti managed maintenance program! Your property manager will be notified that you have enrolled and you will no longer receive emails each quarter asking for your HVAC maintenance tickets.

4. Maintenance Proceedings & Program Renewal

Ravti will schedule a maintenance visit to your suite to service the HVAC equipment quarterly (approximately every 3-months) for a full year, during normal business hours.  The vendor will be requested to check-in and check-out with the tenant during each inspection.  At the end of the four maintenance visits, you will receive an email from Ravti and given the option to renew their program for another year.

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